Powergenius uncovers power guzzlers and provides a clear overview of all devices at a glance. An intelligent evaluation creates amazingly high possibilities for saving up to 70% of electricity costs!

  • Identify energy guzzlers
  • determine power consumption and costs in your household
  • get suggestions for reducing consumption

Stunning App Tools

device databse

Precise acquisition of device data such as power, standby consumption.

dynamic diagramm

Visualization of all devices in the household. Evaluation of costs, also for standby power guzzlers.


Valuable tips for reducing power consumption


PowerGenius contains the complete picture of your household and gives a quick and complete overview

Unlimited devices

Unlimited number of electrical devices can be connected to the D

category's & rooms

Devices can be assigned to existing categories and rooms


Automatic cost calculation according to usage behavior


identify power guzzlers. visually 

PowerGenius suggestions

Consumption-based calculated indications for savings

online connection to device portals

getting quick all consumption data from device portals

More Features (in planning)

Power Genius already contains a clear and accurate evaluation of power consumption and costs. In the future there will be a connection to a device database for a simplified comparison of devices.

Direct connection to consumption portals

Automatic comparison of devices in a product class

solar power calculation

Calculation of exactly fitting solar generators for consumption and cost reduction

wifi sockets integration

Support for smart sockets for real-time power consumption measurement

your ideas in the app

Oh, do you have a great idea? Then share it with us, maybe it will soon find itself in the app!

App Screenshots

Dive into PowerGenius details and appreciate its juicy design.

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