device list

Here you can create all the rooms of your household and then in them the corresponding household appliances
tap on "+" to add new rooms
tap on "+" to add new device

enter device data

First enter the manufacturer followed by the model name and then select a suitable category.
  1. Select device category
  2. Enter manufacturer and model name
  3. Enter power
  4. Enter standby consumption (if known)
  5. Estimate usage time*
  6. Select usage time per day / or week

* no power meter is needed if the approximate usage time is known.

For accurate measurements it is recommended to use so called Smart WiFi sockets which allow real time measurement. These cost about 15 € per piece

If the model designation and consumption data are not exactly known, a search engine can help with identification


The graphical evaluation shows how high the total consumption and costs are for this device. The yellow portion corresponds to the (unnecessary) standby portion.


Set global settings here,
  1. contractual electricity price per kWh of your supplier

  2. number of persons *

  3. current meter reading*

  4. Electricity provider*

  5. Compare electricity providers

  6. Set the language of the app
    *only relevant for (future) comparison bills

    PowerGenius will never store or use your entered data externally without your explicit consent!


If you have any further question, suggestions or feature requests, please do not hesitate to share them. The users of PowerGenius can benefit from it!